Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Rounding it Up

In my last post I committed to writing once more before I take another break from blogging.   I’ve been back in Vienna for two weeks and have survived ten days in the office. I’m fairly confident I’ll make it through this week too. In fact, looking at the first weeks back and my furlough beforehand, the keyword is definitely blessed. I’m wary about the fact that this word can be overused in Christian communication (‘Blessings’ is one of those standard sign-off phrases in Christian emails, which I’m trying not to use without meaning it)… But anyway, this is one of the occasions where it really hits the mark.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Looking Back. Moving Ahead.

So we are now very much past the Christmas/New Year break and it is time to start blogging again. In fact this is quite a nice post to write since I get to share that on Monday next week I'll be heading back to Vienna. Soon after I'll be back in the TWR office. I'm in the middle of a fortnight of wrapping things up - doing my last talks and trying to catch the few supporters I haven't seen yet. As I start to reflect on the past two months I can say that it's been a really blessed time. And I really mean that. 

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Last Post for Christmas

Christmas Eve is almost upon us so I'd better get in a last little post before the new year. It's my last work day and like many of you, I'm trying to tease out the motivation to tie up some bits and pieces it would make sense to do before the break. And of course the crazy, commercial British Christmas means I also feel like I should be running around doing (& buying) things right now. Every year, I decide that one year I'm going to escape to a small island and just celebrate the real Christmas. Of course I always a) forget this plan by the next year & b) have to admit that I'm looking forward to all the food and merriment you can fit into the fridge in this household. 

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Seeing the Light

It was Monday when I started this post... I was thinking about the fact that next Monday we'll be within touching distance of a Christmas break. All those is favour, say 'Aye'... Thought you might say that. On Sunday I had my last church presentation before Christmas. So on Monday I turned my attention to writing Christmas cards and packing the little gifts I give supporters at this time of year. I now even have that mild sense of achievement at having actually posted some things. Yes, life is pretty rock and roll right now...

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Making the Call

OK, so I am going to let you into a secret about raising support. The hardest task is ringing up a potential supporter and asking if they'd be interested in knowing more about how they could support you financially. The aim is not to convince them to support you over the phone but to find out if they might consider this. If so, you arrange a time to meet up and talk about it. The very sensible and indeed ethical idea behind this system is that when you do meet up with such people, they know you are raising financial support and are happy to talk about this. There are no nasty surprises, no ulterior motives. So the theory is great and I totally agree with it. It's just the putting it into practice I struggle with.